Déja Imani Fitzgerald

Déja’s research interests are centered on exploring social and psychosocial determinants of health for communities with multiple minoritized identities, emphasizing those at the intersection of racial, gendered, and sexual minority identities. Déja’s interests also include how intimate relationships may serve as protector factors for queer people of color (QPOC) and LGBTQ communities. Merging these interests, she is interested in exploring healthcare experiences and decision-making factors related to family creation and fertility for transgender and nonbinary individuals, with particular attention to BIPOC transgender and nonbinary individuals. As transgender and nonbinary healthcare has been assailed by ill-informed and inaccurate legislation that has limited and/or prohibited gender-affirming and culturally competent healthcare, Déja believes it is critical that policymakers and community members are well-equipped with current, community-informed research to inform policy development and implementation.

Déja’s research and practice are grounded by her lived experience and career experiences as an executive equity practitioner, educator, mental health crisis responder, and community leader. These experiences cultivated a well-integrated understanding of how psychosocial factors contribute to health and well-being for minoritized communities.


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