David López Veneros

David’s research interests are focused on assessing and addressing social and structural determinants of health among sexual and gender minority people, and developing strategies to promote their optimal levels of health and wellness. He is particularly interested in the effects of discrimination on cardiovascular risk, such as physical inactivity and sedentary behaviors, specifically among gender minority people (e.g., transgender, gender nonbinary). He is also interested in the connection between mind and body and ways to improve mental and physical health in minoritized communities through mindfulness and exercise. Through his research, he wants to expose the barriers that gender minority people face due to discriminatory legal and institutional policies and social attitudes. He wants to help to create safer conditions for gender minority youth and adults so that they will be able to exercise safely and enjoy healthy lives in service of their optimal mental and cardiovascular health.

David grew up in a small town in Spain where LGBTQ+ people were unwelcome. He became interested in the health of marginalized communities at a young age, which inspired him to become a nurse and health educator in Spain, Peru, the U.K., and U.S. while learning the benefits of exercise and mind-body connection methods, including the Alexander Technique.


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