Christian Douglas

Christian’s research focus is centered around equity within the transportation system and who experiences benefits and burdens. The distribution of impacts from planning and policy has implications for marginalized communities in accessibility and health. He aims to prioritize low-income and marginalized communities in transportation implementations and promote equitable decision-making to support those who have been historically underrepresented. He integrates a multidisciplinary approach to equity by incorporating city planning and public policy with engineering to ensure adequate transportation provisions across space. His findings highlight the risks and needs of travel in marginalized communities, which will help advance equity within transportation and inform the health and safety needs of various under-considered communities in an effort to be inclusive with transportation.

Christian has always prioritized equity in research and has used his background in civil engineering and economics to advance this objective through a multidisciplinary perspective. Thinking about who our choices affect will ensure an inclusive, safe, and healthy environment for our communities.


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