Chloe Sariego


Chloe studies the cultural, social, and historical processes through which bodies, nations, and their borders take shape in the U.S. She pays special attention to the changing context of immigration law and U.S. border policies and their shifting control of reproduction and family formation.

In particular, her research examines the provision of reproductive health care in detention centers. Detention centers present a number of serious challenges to migrants’ reproductive health. The goal of her research is to better understand the relationship between health inequalities and reproductive health at the border to identify avenues for intervention. She is especially interested in reproductive health as it is an example of how trauma is perpetuated through immigration policy, which can have permanent consequences for immigrant families. By elevating the reproductive health care concerns of migrants in detention, her work will center on the difficulties migrants face in accessing care as a community concern.

Chloe’s work originates in her own family’s negotiations of the reproduction of norms. She is committed to creating work that is inflected by these experiences. As an interdisciplinary scholar, her research spans various subtopics of normative reproduction and hopes to push against boundaries of normativity that contribute to violent ideals.


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