Cheryl Aguilar

Cheryl studies the mental health impact of migration; the interplay of policy, politics, and mental health; and other structural complexities bicultural and transnational families face. Her most immediate research interest is to contribute to the study of the traumatic impact of immigration-related family separations and reunifications, particularly focusing on children’s experiences and their parents/caregivers who were forcefully separated upon migration due to immigration policies such as Zero Tolerance. Through her research contributions, Cheryl aims to work collaboratively across sectors to reframe mental health as part of health, fight harmful narratives about immigrants, and put forward health-equity solutions, including policy and interventions.

Cheryl is an immigrant from Honduras whose immigration and bicultural experience, and those of others she has met as a journalist, organizer, and social worker, has inspired the issues she aims to research. As a scholar, she intends to center immigrants’ voices on the solutions to bring about change.


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