Brianna N. Davis

Brianna is passionate about improving mental health for individuals involved with the justice system, especially racial minorities. She is particularly interested in examining the etiology of externalizing problems with a focus on psychopathy, violence, and aggression. She believes that understanding the root causes of these serious behavioral issues will alleviate a significant portion of the health crisis experienced by justice-involved persons. Additionally, the overrepresentation of racial minorities in correctional settings exacerbates these problems, thus, Brianna’s research will focus on addressing the unique needs of racial minorities—in particular, black/African-American individuals—to reduce racial health disparities. Ultimately, she hopes that her research will reduce recidivism, inform policy, and improve the quality of life for justice-involved individuals.

As a clinical psychology doctoral student and former case worker, Brianna will combine her past experiences with justice-involved persons and passion for research to investigate the etiology of externalizing problems. She hopes her research will reduce health disparities and contribute to literature that informs justice policy.


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