Brianna Ladd

Brianna is committed to conducting actionable research that explores the mental health experiences of Black adolescents and young adults at the intersection of multiply marginalized identities. Informed by intersectionality theory and Black feminist praxis, Brianna’s research centers: 1) examining how sociocultural factors and systemic oppression impact the psychological wellbeing and development of Black and LGBTQ+ adolescents, and 2) exploring the protective processes that enable Black and LGBTQ+ adolescents to combat oppression, envision liberation, and radically flourish. Brianna uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies to elucidate the unique experiences specific to LGBTQ+ Black girls and young women, including addressing how subtle forms of everyday racism, sexism, and heterosexism (i.e., intersectional microaggressions) impact health disparities and wellbeing.

Brianna’s lived experience as a queer Black biracial woman shapes her vision for promoting liberation and health equity for diverse Black and LGBTQ+ communities. Brianna aims to bring her fullest self into her work as a researcher, practitioner, and social justice advocate working to dismantle interlocking systems of oppression.


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