Ashley M. Ortiz Chico

Ashley’s research focuses on community organizing for environmental justice in the coastal communities of Puerto Rico. She’s interested in how we create environmental policy that centers communities’ knowledge, perspectives, and needs. Coastal communities are at an increased risk of natural disasters and are often more vulnerable to climate change. This vulnerability is only exacerbated by Puerto Rico’s ongoing experiences of natural and economic crises. Ashley seeks to highlight the voices of activists and community members fighting to protect coastal environments and the communities that live in these spaces. She believes that the path toward environmental justice and effective policy begins by investing in proposals, ideas, and alternatives generated at a community level. Ashley’s work is rooted in her love for Puerto Rico and its people and the conviction they deserve to live safely and securely in their own homes.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ashley has a passion for environmental justice and community organizing framed by her island’s struggles with manmade environmental disasters, displacement, and gentrification. Her work is anchored by a deep commitment to Puerto Rican communities fighting to live safely and with dignity on their island.


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