Ashley J. Cooper

Ashley’s mission is to improve health outcomes for Black women in the United States. She believes that successful healthcare research requires diverse perspectives and a shift toward the intersectional scholarship model to develop population-specific interventions. Her current research examines the prevalence of obesity and cardiometabolic disorders in Black US women, and how individual and institutional level discrimination influence cardiometabolic risk in this population— in the context of social resource inequities, as well as the physiological stress response. Ashley seeks to engage in cross-sectoral, multidimensional work to translate her research into effective policy change. She aims to contribute to a body of actionable research and scholarship that centers intersectional, transdisciplinary lenses to achieve health equity.

Ashley’s unique perspective stems from her work as a nurse practitioner, combined with her background as a liberal arts scholar with an interest in Black feminist theory. Ashley leverages her interdisciplinary background to find innovative solutions to complex problems, and to think critically and collaboratively about building a Culture of Health.


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