Ariana Mora

Ariana is interested in the impact of healthcare deprivation on historically and newly disadvantaged groups. She aims to promote access to quality healthcare by designing evidence-based interventions that integrate affected groups’ perspectives and experiences in order to address existing limitations within social and healthcare systems. Through her personal experiences and clinical exposure, particular issues she hopes to tackle are centered around patient and community empowerment, including: 1) promoting patient health agency, 2) facilitating navigation of complex healthcare systems among low-income, minority, and immigrant groups, and 3) improving suboptimal healthcare and public health communication that can lead to mistrust, healthcare avoidance, and subsequently poor health outcomes. Without these changes, there is an overwhelming amount of preventable suffering. We need compassion and partnership to merge into actionable and evidence-based change to improve our society’s health.

After witnessing the many medical and social struggles present among her family and community, Ariana committed herself to a career as a physician-scientist. Through her dual training in medicine and epidemiology, she is focused on promoting self-determination of health and well-being to disadvantaged groups.


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