Amanda M. Gutierrez

Amanda’s research centers the lived experiences and voices of Latino communities to both better characterize inequities in access to quality healthcare in the U.S. and inform the development of effective health policies. Respecting the immense heterogeneity of the country’s Latino population, Amanda focuses on understanding how social determinants and systemic barriers to care differentially impact Latino subgroups. Her doctoral research will explore the attitudes of diverse Latino populations toward prominent health policy issues related to emergent public health concerns as well as the politics of health policy. She aims to explore the intersection of political identity and health by examining the effects of Latinos’ attitudes on health services uptake, policy implementation, and political mobilization. On a broader level, Amanda’s research will promote more equitable policy solutions that address the complex drivers of health disparities within and among the U.S. Latino population.

Amanda is the daughter of immigrants from Nicaragua and Honduras, and a first-generation scholar who grew up in marginalized communities in New Orleans and Houston. Her and her family’s lived experiences with the U.S. social safety net fuel her passion for dismantling systemic barriers to promote the health and wellbeing of marginalized populations.


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