Alexandra Maye

To equalize the opportunity for good health outcomes, it is imperative to dismantle the barriers that hinder communities from accessing quality healthcare. Given the systemic nature of health inequities, it is essential to identify multidimensional factors, such as safe nurse staffing and nursing work environments, that impact patient health outcomes. Alexandra’s research focuses on safe nurse staffing, healthcare access, and safety net hospitals. Safety net hospitals, which primarily serve low-income, uninsured, underinsured, and Medicaid patients, play a crucial role in addressing gaps in healthcare coverage and ensuring that essential care remains accessible to groups who experience a disproportionate burden of health related to social needs. Alexandra aims to improve the nursing work environment, reduce disparities in health outcomes, improve clinician well-being, and provide greater access to health equity.

Alexandra’s perspectives on safe nurse staffing and its direct impact on patient lives stem from her clinical practice as a cardiac catheterization laboratory registered nurse and her personal experience as a caregiver to her family. Alexandra aims to create an environment where nurses can thrive, burnout is reduced, and nurse retention is increased.


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