Alexandra K. Rodriguez

Equitable access to arts engagement has the propensity to promote forms of social cohesion and wellbeing along with health communication and education in a less intimidating manner than traditional modalities. Further, fair and just opportunities for health require not only collaboration but true partnerships among people who co-vision, co-create, and equitably share resultant power. Alex is committed to disrupting inequitable structures that negatively impact social determinants of health while remaining aware that this requires a continuous, reiterative practice of cultural humility. Within this purview, Alex is most interested in how arts engagement, alongside community-based participatory research (CBPR) approaches, can impact adolescent mental health both at the interpersonal and community levels of the social ecological model.

The importance of strengths-based approaches, authentically caring for one another, and creativity are central to Alex’s values. Between her personal tenets and her experiences leading national, cross-sector collaboration research among arts, government, and health sectors, she brings ingenuity and experienced perspective to her work.


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