Alex Sheehan

Although access to healthcare for mental ill-health and substance use disorders has been greatly improved across the United States, individuals who are still involved in mass carceral systems or are transitioning back into society remain at a massive deficit with regard to access to quality care. Equitable access to quality mental health care and substance-use disorder treatment within carceral systems and within the pipeline to successful reentry and reintegration into society are integral to their success. Alex seeks to engage mental health and substance-abuse disorder treatment providers, policymakers, and individuals with lived/living experience to be able to inform state healthcare policies related to access to care for justice system-involved populations. By incorporating the voices of those with lived/living experience, his research can help create state policy processes that are low-barrier, person-centered, and improve access to quality care.

Alex is equipped with systems-level knowledge to assist in creating a Culture of Health for individuals impacted by carceral systems. Alex utilizes the powers of storytelling and lived experience advocacy on his own journey with mental ill-health, conjunctively with his near decade of experience as a probation officer to inform his work.


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