Alejandra Arrieta

Alejandra is committed to researching social determinants of health, with a focus on predictors of gender inequalities in health and how these disparities vary by race, ethnicity, and economic background. She is particularly interested in studying how gender norms affect behaviors and health during adolescence, as well as the long-term consequences on chronic disease outcomes. She believes that understanding how gender norms affect individuals’ behaviors toward risk from early on would increase life expectancy and quality of life for all, and particularly marginal populations. Ultimately, she wants her research to inform policy-making that promotes health outcomes while advancing gender equality.

Alejandra was born and raised in Bolivia and moved to the United States to pursue higher education. Her previous work focused on addressing poverty and inequality through the evaluation of health and nutrition programs in various regions of the world. Her experiences in the field have inspired her to delve further into gender disparities of health.


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