Aisha Diane Fletcher, PhD

Health disparities, inequities, and inequalities are not just a happenstance. They are often rooted in, shaped, and sustained by structural racism normalized and legitimized by the policies, institutions, and systems governing our society. These racially based, discriminatory policies often lead to worse adverse health outcomes and lower life expectancy for people of color. Aisha’s research interest focuses on exploring the relationship between exposure to Jim Crow laws and the prostate cancer health of African-American men. Understanding the interconnection between racism and health status can contribute to building a Culture of Health that is informed by our lived experiences at multiple socioecological levels. To that end, it is imperative such knowledge be incorporated into interventions, policy formulation, and cross-sector collaboration efforts to improve the well-being of vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Aisha is a native of the Deep South, and her lived experiences have been shaped by race, place, and family. Her professional experience in evaluation and philanthropy has given her a unique perspective. Aisha’s core values of social justice and equity inspire her willingness to challenge inequities and advocate for the most vulnerable populations.


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