Abigail Underwood

Abigail’s research is centered on the reproductive justice framework that states all people should be able to choose to have children, or not, and raise them in a healthy and safe environment. To achieve this goal, she believes we must work with communities to understand systems and identify policy levers to promote tangible, lasting change for people of reproductive age, children, and families. Specifically, Abigail is interested in two key outcomes: reducing infant mortality and increasing contraception access for adolescents. Each outcome is tangled in complex systems of neighborhood inequity, racism, healthcare access, education, and more; working to understand how these systems prevent people from exercising reproductive freedom is central to her work. By co-creating research with community members, Abigail will bolster policy-level change to support environments where people can raise happy, healthy families and be empowered in their choice to do so or not.

Abigail uses her background in Latin American studies, public health research, and social work to understand how systemic factors shape reproductive health and family well-being. As a new mom herself, Abigail understands the importance of shaping a policy environment that supports reproductive choice and family empowerment.


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