Join us in offering a warm welcome to the newest cohort of Health Policy Research Scholars!

These diverse and dynamic scholars are joining a national network of changemakers from all sectors, professions, and disciplines. As part of the program experience, they will learn with and from one another—each bringing forth their unique focus, experiences, and leadership styles as they work together to create equitable solutions for the complex health challenges in their communities through policy change.

These scholars have already accomplished remarkable things. As they begin the next chapter of their leadership journeys, we are excited to learn alongside them and work together to build a Culture of Health.

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Our scholars are working to improve the health and equity of communities large and small across the u.s. and its territories.

Leadership Programs at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Health Policy Research Scholars is just one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s leadership programs offering high-level training and funding for people interested in applying their expertise—no matter what their discipline—to help make our country healthier and more equitable.
Health Policy Research Scholars is part of a collaborative network of leadership programs that also includes:

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