Ian Moura

All too often, disability is seen by policymakers and providers as incompatible with good health. The omission of disabled people from the collective understanding of what it means to be healthy is compounded by the continued lack of high-quality data regarding disability. As algorithmic decision-making tools become more widespread, they risk encoding and amplifying systemic ableism and health disparities, particularly for multiply marginalized individuals. In his research, Ian seeks to explore how algorithmic decision-making impacts disabled people. His goal is to contribute to reimagining health and healthcare that recognizes disability as an identity and experience, rather than simply an outcome, and empowers disabled people as partners and experts in their care.

Ian’s interest in disability emerged from his experiences as an autistic person, which inform his goals and ways of working as a policy and services researcher. He aims to conduct participatory research that translates to real, meaningful change and authentically reflects disabled people’s needs, preferences, and right to self-determination.


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