Enrique Lopez Lopez

High school is often a time in which social, cultural, and economic gaps become more tangible to marginalized communities, framing a coming of age with limited opportunities. Undocumented individuals face atypical limitations and stressors that compound other existing forces, heightening their degree of vulnerability and, in turn, become obstacles to their overall healthy development. Undocumented high school students are positioned in a stage in which legal status can carry significant influence in their development into young adults. Understanding the impact legal status has on undocumented students can aid the development of conscious spaces and practices to support a healthier coming of age regardless of legal status. Through his research, Enrique hopes to support the advancement of systems that are inclusive of the well-being of undocumented students. Currently, his interest centers around investigating the effects COVID-19 and remote learning have had on undocumented students.

As a first-generation and former undocumented student, Enrique’s life experiences have shaped his understanding and relationship with legal status. He hopes to continue to use this knowledge to inform his research and advocacy work striving to create more just and equitable policies for high school students regardless of their legal status.


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