Christin J. Salley


Christin’s research interests include network dynamics, social media, disaster response, spatiotemporal analytics, and machine learning to assess social systems within communities before, during, or after a natural disaster. She finds that this research is critical because millions of people are continuously harmed by the effects of disasters worldwide, and there are current shortcomings that exist in the ability to more rapidly, and effectively, communicate and respond to such crisis events for all populations. Her work will target how existing response systems and the built environment mitigate or exacerbate health disparities pertaining to a natural disaster. She hopes to discover ways to alleviate the subsequent recovery process for those without the necessary resources to better serve vulnerable communities and promote equity.

Christin is well-equipped to explore the impacts of natural disasters within society due to her Fire Protection Engineering and Civil Engineering background, both disciplines that emphasized to her the protection of people, property, and the environment from hazardous events to better society through real-world application of engineering sciences.


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