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  • José Manuel González Vera

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    FOCUSJosé Manuel's research interests involve improving the psychological well-being of undocumented people. There are many factors that negatively impact…

  • Alein Y. Haro

    By on

    FOCUSMarginalized communities, such as immigrants, individuals from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and racial minorities, are more likely to face adverse…

  • Jessica Cerdeña

    By on

    FOCUSJessica applies a biocultural lens to health disparities, studying the epigenetic underpinnings of intergenerational trauma among Latin American migrants…

  • Marcela Nava

    By on

    FOCUSMarcela’s research is focused on exploring how health policy and the social determinants of health are shaped by their…

  • Luisa Maria Rivera

    By on

    FOCUSLuisa studies the transgenerational transmission of trauma and adversity in communities experiencing chronic and acute stressors. She currently conducts…

  • Ans Irfan

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    FOCUSEach year, thousands of workers die on the job, and those workers disproportionately come from low-income and marginalized communities.…

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