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  • Andrew S. Arriaga

    By on

    FOCUSAndrew’s research is motivated by a desire to see equitable health and wellness services integrated more prominently in marginalized…

  • Ana Herrera

    By on

    FOCUSAna Laura Herrera’s research focuses on the social, environmental, and personal influences on youth behaviors, particularly those relating to…

  • Angeliz Encarnación Burgos

    By on

    FOCUSAngeliz E. Encarnación Burgos will explore the intersections between urban development and health in the Caribbean Region. She is…

  • M. Nicole Kunkel

    By on

    FOCUSNicole’s current research involves testing how chemical exposures during pregnancy may change brain and behavior, and how that impacts…

  • Alane Celeste-Villalvir

    By on

    FOCUSPublic health programs, policies, and research have been historically proscriptive, excluding marginalized communities and often denying them the agency…

  • Marcela Nava

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    FOCUSMarcela’s research is focused on exploring how health policy and the social determinants of health are shaped by their…

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