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  • Ashley J. Cooper

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    FOCUSAshley’s mission is to improve health outcomes for Black women in the United States. She believes that successful healthcare…

  • Laurin Bixby

    By on

    FOCUSLaurin aims to inform policy and prevention efforts that alleviate inequitable access to resources in the social, service, and…

  • David Mai

    By on

    FOCUSLiving immunotherapies in the form of synthetically modified immune cells have demonstrated remarkable success against various late-stage and chemotherapy…

  • Sondra Lavigne

    By on

    FOCUSSondra studies how antibiotic use and stewardship in veterinary medicine (both companion and food animals) affects the population health…

  • Chioma Woko

    By on

    FOCUSDisproportionate access to health information and resources by marginalized groups is one indicator of health inequity and disparity in…

  • Jennifer Whittaker

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    FOCUSPeople living in rural communities experience avoidable and unjust disparities in health outcomes. Lack of access to health care…

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