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  • Monica De La Cruz

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    FOCUSMonica’s research interest focuses on ways to ameliorate family poverty as a means to positively impact children’s health, specifically…

  • Mahader Tamene

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    FOCUSMahader is dedicated to advancing health and justice in underserved and historically marginalized communities globally. Her research focuses on…

  • Erica Browne

    By on

    FOCUSErica Browne’s research interest includes a focus on organizational practice, and the extent to which nonprofit hospital community benefit…

  • Joseph Griffin

    By on

    FOCUSJoseph’s research is focused on community violence as a public health issue in urban communities of color. His approach…

  • Catherine Duarte

    By on

    FOCUSDiscretionary discipline is one of the key drivers of suspension and expulsion rates in primary and secondary schools across…

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