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  • From sci-fi to financial planning, scholars spark new initiatives

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    Scholars’ ideas enhance and deepen the HPRS experience

  • Anton L.V. Avanceña

    By on

    FOCUSSignificant financial and human resources are wasted on ineffective health programs, interventions, and policies; and this waste contributes to…

  • Race at the Forefront: Sharpening a Focus on Race in Applied Research

    Scholars share conference experience’s personal and professional impact

  • Meet the Scholars: Arrianna M. Planey

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    Arrianna M. Planey is a PhD candidate in Geography at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a part…

  • Kevin Nguyen

    By on

    FOCUSKevin's research focuses on improving the quality of care patients receive from safety net providers and programs. He hopes…

  • Paul Shafer

    By on

    FOCUSPaul is currently working to measure the effect of coverage gains under the Affordable Care Act on emergency department…

  • Jenny Guadamuz

    By on

    FOCUSJenny S. Guadamuz’s research involves examining disparities in cardiovascular disease and their structural causes. Her current focus is on…

  • Andrea Duran

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    FOCUSAndrea Duran’s research interests include the endocrine and immune responses to acute and chronic sedentary behavior, physical inactivity and…

  • Dakota Cintron

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    FOCUSDakota’s academic research interests are in longitudinal and structural equation modeling. In particular, his academic research goals are to…

  • Sondra Lavigne

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    FOCUSSondra studies how antibiotic use and stewardship in veterinary medicine (both companion and food animals) affects the population health…

  • Erica Browne

    By on

    FOCUSErica Browne’s research interest includes a focus on organizational practice, and the extent to which nonprofit hospital community benefit…

  • Seciah Aquino

    By on

    FOCUSSeciah is determined to successfully revolutionize health care in the United States and ultimately the world. She seeks to…

  • Andrew Anderson

    By on

    FOCUSAndrew’s current work and research focus on value-based healthcare delivery models, performance measurement, and social determinants of health.MORE ABOUT…

  • Rantimi Adetunji

    By on

    FOCUSRantimi's dissertation will examine demand and supply factors of equitable elder care in Vietnam, with translatable learnings for building…

  • Ana Herrera

    By on

    FOCUSAna Laura Herrera’s research focuses on the social, environmental, and personal influences on youth behaviors, particularly those relating to…

  • Bukola Bakare

    By on

    FOCUSBukola Bakare’s interdisciplinary research approach and advocacy highlight issues surrounding physically active transportation and corporate social respon…

  • Max Aung

    By on

    FOCUSMax Aung’s research focuses on characterizing the underlying mechanisms that link environmental exposures to adverse reproductive and developmental outcom…

  • Dislorei (Desi) Small-Rodriguez

    By on

    FOCUSDesi Small-Rodriguez’s ongoing research explores issues of data equity for Indigenous peoples, specifically tribal data sovereignty and the enumeration…

  • Teresa Jackson

    By on

    FOCUSTeresa Jackson’s dissertation will focus on an innovative nutrition education approach and the differences educator personality may have on…

  • Kristefer Stojanovski

    By on

    FOCUSKristefer Stojanovski’s research examines structural causes to health disparities among ethnic, racial, sexual, and gender minorities. During his doctoral…

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